• **IMPORTANT NOTICE**: The changing weather patterns has limited the growth of the ice thickness around and in the Sunset Acres Resort marina. For everyone's safety we ask that all people and vehicles please stay off the ice in the marina and especially around the mouth of the marina and the marina channel. We ask that everyone heed the "Danger" sign posted at the marina boat launch and this message. Please continue to practice safe winter activities.
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  • The largest naturally occurring lake in Southern Saskatchewan.

    serene paradiseFormed by glacial activity over 10,000 years ago, the lake’s southern tip is about 45 kilometres northwest of Regina at Craven in the Qu’Appelle Valley.
  • The Lake is approximately 90 Km in length and 3 Km wide at its widest point.

    waterfront viewsThe Lake was renamed for a Plains Cree legend about the Great Spirit shoveling dirt from the valley, the lake now occupies, and forming Last Mountain Hills east of Duval.
  • Sunset Acres Resort is located along the north-eastern shores of Last Mountain Lake.

    convenient accessThe Walleye and Pike fishing on Last Mountain Lake is among the best in North America.
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