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Progress Archive

October 24, 2015


Tonight's sunset was wonderful, no wonder people love living along this lake. The recent bout of warmer weather has helped us get moving on the marina work. Once the frost sets in we will be able to move even quicker on the excavation. The remainder of the lake front lots are now being prepared and work on the marina lots is also moving along nicely. The final phase of this work will be preparation of the pond area and the surrounding land that will serve as our campground. We are still targeting having powered camp sites available by early spring.

I have met with the engineers regarding our potable water system and a preliminary design plan should be ready for the new year. I have also met with the other engineers regarding the connection of the water canal to the marina. It looks like the most efficient system will be a tunnel design that will allow passage under Sunset Acres Lane between the water canal and the marina. Our gas line is in and we now have gas heat for our show home.

As usual, we appreciate all the patience the owners are exercising with the noise and the heavy equipment moving around. Please watch for the heavy equipment when driving in and out of the site. I expect it will not be that long before we see ice fishing huts on the lake again. By next summer we anticipate the majority of the work will be complete and we will have already started our tree planting program. Happy Halloween!

November 2010 - September 2015

September 28, 2015


The wet weather has continued to slow down the site work but construction on the marina is proceeding. We still expect to have much of the marina completed this year. Work on the north end of the site will recommence once the marina is completed. This is the area that will house our private campground.  

Welcome to our new owners and thank you for your patience dealing with the heavy equipment and the messy roads. With summer now gone, we hope for a dry fall to catch up on the site work. Thanks to all those who continue to help out and express interest in our success. Fifty percent of our phase one lake front lots are now sold or spoken for.

Over the next month, we will be conducting discussions with the engineers regarding installation of the potable water plant, distribution lines and the fire hydrant system. We are also researching the options for the bridge system going over the water canal and marina connection.

Happy Fall to everyone.

August 22, 2015


The site was pretty wet this week as the rain continues to hamper our progress. However, work continues on the water canal, we have been able to prepare some more lake front lots and we have started draining the water from the area that will be our future marina. We expect to begin excavation of the marina and preparation of the marina lots in the next couple of weeks. 

Testing was being done on the gas line this week so it should be ready soon. And, as soon as the permit is received we can begin preparing the beach area and formation of the marina slips can begin.

On September 1st our lake front lot price will increase to reflect the next stage of development. If you are thinking about joining our list of owners, now is the best time. We also expect camp sites to be available next spring and are still accepting requests to be placed on the waiting list. The show home now has some new features including a security system, high speed internet and two RV outlets.

Summer is quickly coming to a close so enjoy the lake life as much as you can but please watch out for the heavy equipment on our site as they are working long hours.

August 7, 2015


Welcome to all our new lot owners, we know you will enjoy being a part of Sunset Acres Resort. I am happy to see people taking advantage of the reduced price structure before the September 1st price increase. Another home foundation went in this week and a number of owners continue to enjoy the comfort of their RV while planning their new lake home.

I was on site this week to observe installation of our gas line. We expect that the work will be completed in the next few days, as long as it stops raining. We also started work on the temporary boat launch area and will complete the actual installation once our permit from the province is received. The water canal area continues to take shape and we are preparing more of the lake front lots working toward the north end of the site. We are waiting for an estimate for installation of the water line.

We have confirmed that the water level of the lake is now low enough that we can begin working on the area for the marina. Once we secure the equipment, we can begin pumping the lagoon area so the land can be formed into shape. Our contractor believes they can be done the north pond area and begin working on the south marina within a month, weather permitting. It is great to see the water level of the lake receding and the sandy shoreline returning. All the better for watching the pelicans glide along the water surface.

We are reviewing a standard lease agreement provided by our lawyers that will be adapted for our camp site users. Another version will be adapted to meet the needs of our new Land Lease option which permits people to lease a lake lot for a short term to see if they enjoy the lake lifestyle. In signing a lease, you can also lock in a purchase price should you decide to purchase a lot during the term, or at the end of the lease period. We also can make available full home packages for anyone that does not want the hassle of building their own lake house. A new Home Owners Association (HOA) is now in place to help protect and maintain the Sunset Acres amenities. Every new owner in Sunset Acres Resort automatically becomes a member of the HOA.

We continue to receive inquiries from people who own lake property in other districts where the ground is less stable. Everyone is welcome to contact us to learn about our project and the benefits offered by our 1:500 flood elevation grading program and our building platform location. As always, we are in construction mode and ask that anyone visiting the site use caution and watch for heavy equipment moving around. Enjoy the amazing sunsets!

July 14, 2015


After a review of the site design, we have confirmed the opportunity to offer camp sites as part of the overall Sunset Acres Resort. Once approved, the sites will be available in one to ten year leases and can include turnkey Park Model homes as an option. Sites will be approximately 3,800 square feet in size with septic and power provided. Potable water will be offered once Sunset Acres constructs the water treatment plant and distribution lines. The sites will back onto the planned pond area which will connect to the water canal system leading to the marina and out to the lake. Sunset Acres has a waiting list of interested parties already in place and is now accepting additional registrations. It is anticipated the sites can be ready for next camping season.  

Lake lots continue to be in demand. There is a planned price increase for September 1st, 2015, so if you are thinking about a lot, give us a call. Site construction continues at the north end of the project and the good news is the water level of the lake is slowly receding. If the water level drops enough we may be able to start on the marina this fall. Have a safe and fun summer at the lake.

June 27, 2015


I spent time with Sask. Energy at the site this week. They were viewing the site in order to establish the best way to place our new gas line. They have started staking the line from Strasbourg and should be at our site within two to three weeks. Once the staking is done trenching in the line can begin. We expect the gas line will be at our site later this summer.  

We are also working with a neighbouring development on building a new sewage lagoon that will serve both developments. Having access to our own lagoon will alleviate a problem more and more developments along the lake are facing.

We have inspected a couple of different water treatment systems and will be finalizing our choice in the next few weeks. Once that is done we can begin looking at the engineering that will be needed to provide the development with potable water.

For the last two years the lake has been too high for us to begin building the marina so we will continue working at the north end of the site to finish building the canal and pond areas. This will prepare almost all our canal lots and ready some land so that we can consider creating a campground. Once the water level recedes enough we can start working on the marina. When the grading is done for the canal lots we can look at the final elevations to begin design of the water tunnel/bridge that will connect the pond and canal area with the marina.

We have inquired to the province regarding a permit for a temporary boat launch and will keep everyone posted on that as it progresses. Hopefully, it can be installed for use this summer. We have also inquired about the necessary permits to work on the beach area so it can be readied for use.

Thanks to all the people who continue to visit our site, we are into another construction season which should see more buildings go up this year. As always we hope everyone has a great time at the lake and ask that you practice safety first when there is heavy equipment around.

April 7, 2015


Spring is just around the corner!

Looks like spring is just around the corner as the annual Regina Spring Home Show has already come and gone. Attendance was good and we want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to ask questions and enter our draw. Congratulations to Janice Kluge who is the winner of the summer beach bucket. Don't forget to call if you have more questions or want to see the show home.  

Interesting things are happening at the lake this year. We are still looking at options for a potable water system, working on the water canal and marina, holding discussions on sewage disposal options and examining a smaller lot design for our pond area. Our construction program is being finalized and will be taking into consideration some of the new issues facing lake owners. The announcement of construction plans for a new potash mine only a half hour away is expected to increase the demand for building sites in the area. Sunset Acres Resort has sites ready now and will continue preparation of more to meet the requests of those who came to visit us at the Home Show.

The province is looking at some new development requirements given the unfortunate problems being faced by our fellow lake neighbours at places like Grandview Beach and Regina Beach. The province is also looking at keeping the water level in Last Mountain Lake high again this year to help lessen the problems being faced downstream and potentially with the Quill Lakes system. Sask. Energy still has a plan to bring in our gas line this year (hoping to start in June) but the many emergency repairs along the lake with which they are faced are a high priority. The communities around Last Mountain Lake know what it means to face adversity but sticking together will get things done.

We look forward to this summer on the lake and hope everyone will keep in mind the rights of others whether out boating, fishing or just laying around on the beach. Have a great Spring.

January 30, 2015


Winter at the lake!

The road crew finished the base work for Sunset Acres Lane early in December.  They also have completed a significant portion of the new water canal area alongside the back lots. Once the ground thaws we can continue work on the road, complete grading for the balance of the lakefront lots and future pond area and finish the water canal. After this work is done we can start on the excavation for the marina.  

Saskatchewan Energy has confirmed they are ready to start trenching in the natural gas line this spring and should be on-site by mid summer.  In addition to looking closely at providing a water line for all the lots, we have recently been looking at a local option for sewage disposal.  We still continue to look at an opportunity for expanding the project to include some smaller, lower priced lots.

2015 looks to be a busy year at Sunset Acres Resort.

December 15, 2014


While the temperature has not been bad lately, winter has definitely arrived. Our work crew was able to get the base for the rest of the interior road done but the ground is too hard to start working on the marina area. We will start up again early in the spring so we can get the marina area done in 2015. We are also expecting the natural gas line to come in by summer 2015 although it continues to depend on Saskatchewan Energy’s work plan.

The show home is ready for viewing and we are going to put together a short video featuring the house, for our website. We have added a few features to the house that were not originally planned like the oversize front deck and the on demand hot water system.

The developers of Sunset Acres Resort continue to look at an expansion plan for the project which would add a water treatment plant and several new building lots. The new building lots are smaller and will be priced very reasonably. 2015 promises to be a busy year for Sunset Acres Resort. We will again be at this year’s Spring Home Show in Regina so come by to see us.

We thank everyone for their inquiries which continue to come through our Contact page. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you want to find out more about the project. Have a great holiday season and New Year and please stay safe.

October 27, 2014


The fall has been active with more new construction happening and a new full package home price plan being offered. Interest in the development continues to expand especially with those who already own or rent along the lake. The consistent comment we hear is an appreciation for the lake being “right there”. Even with that, there is also an appreciation that our project is graded to the 1 in 500 year flood level protecting the home owner. It is interesting that many of you looking to buy are looking at multiple lot purchases. There are only a few lake front lots in the first phase not spoken for so if you are interested, this fall is the time to act. We have a special price in place until the end of the year.

Work on the interior road and the water canal continues, weather permitting the marina lots will be prepared this fall as well. All the canal lots and marina lots will be able to support walkout basement designs. As winter approaches we are looking at different plans for the final marina design and placement of the boat launch. There is a lot of water to move before proper construction of the marina can commence. We are also examining an expansion option for the project.

The show home is coming together with a sizable deck facing the lake. The finishing touches inside and out, are still being worked on. The next home will be placed on a walkout lot. The Home Owners Association document is with the lawyers right now and should be in place before the end of the year. Setting up this association will help the owners in Sunset Acres Resort maintain all amenities.

As we noted earlier in the year, for anyone who visits the development remember you are in a construction zone so please exercise caution especially when the heavy equipment is around. Thanks to everyone who stays in touch and enjoy the wonderful fall colours.

August 09, 2014


The high water level brought our road work and marina work to a stop last week. We did not want to continue working at the expense of hurting the surrounding environment. However, the water level is already starting to recede and we hope to start up work again in three or four weeks. Please remember if you come out to the site you will be entering an area that is under construction so use caution.

The tree planting program continues to be on hold until we can get all the grading work done. The crew working on finishing the show home will be on site in the next week so that it will be ready for viewing soon. This job has taken longer than hoped but the finished product will be worth it.

The final grading and gravel work for Sunset Acres Road has been done so we should not have any more issues with the rain making the road slippery. We will also be looking at how we can work on the beach area since there seems to be a lot of people visiting the site and spending the day enjoying the water. Some owners have moved their fifth wheel trailers on site so they can enjoy the summer at the lake while planning their new home.

We received notice from the Land Titles office this week that the necessary easements for the natural gas line are now all approved and on title. So we look forward to the work starting on bringing the natural gas line to our site.

Don’t forget we can provide fully finished lake homes if you do not want the hassle of planning and building your own. Have a happy and safe summer.

July 15, 2014


The wet spring has certainly taken its toll on our 2014 work plans. The show home has finally arrived so we can now start on getting the on-site work done to have it ready for viewing.

The construction crews starting working on the access road and the rear lots the week of July 7th. However, the high water level of the lake has slowed down our ability to start on the marina area and complete the interior road. If you come out to the site, remember you will be entering an area that is under construction so please be careful.

We are excited about the new marina design as it will allow the lots to accommodate either standard home designs or walk out basement designs. It also provides for the lot owner to have their own private docking area on their lot. We will have some marina lot prices posted on our pop up map on the Project page soon.

Our grading plan for the off lake lots will accommodate walk out basement designs as well. We are working on an improved water canal design with a protective berm between the canal and Sunset Acres Road.

With the subdivision plan survey work complete we are now able to have individual titles available for any lot. Let’s hope for great weather this summer so our work program can be completed and all our owners can enjoy being at the lake.

May 12, 2014


We are happy to announce construction of the marina at Sunset Acres Resort will begin this spring. All the lots that back onto the marina area will be graded for walkout basement designs and will allow for owners to bring their boat right to their own yard.

Construction of the marina and recreation pond area is planned to be a multi-year project but may be accelerated depending on how sales progress. We expect the marina lots to sell quickly as there are only 21 available. Development of the boat launch and the beach area will be addressed once the marina is complete. Pricing for these lots will be set later this spring.

A new grading plan for the off-lake lots may also accommodate walkout basements leading to a water canal. Once complete, every lot in the Sunset Acres Resort development should have access to some type of water feature. The Company’s grading design ensures that all building lots are graded such that the construction of homes can easily meet or exceed the provincial flood elevation requirements. This is an important feature for all lake owners.

Wet spring conditions have hampered the delivery of our show home. Because of the wet weather we were not able to get the basement installed in time so the delivery date for the house is now closer to the end of June. The rest of the project is still moving along at a steady pace with the natural gas line expected to arrive this summer. The wet spring has also taken its toll on our access road so the completion of Sunset Acres Road and Sunset Acres Lane is our priority. In the meantime we will continue to have the Municipality grade the road as required.

The survey work for the balance of the approved subdivision is complete and has been submitted for plan registration. Individual titles for all lots should be available by late spring. The first phase lake front lots continue to sell and introductory pricing is still in effect. With the ice almost gone off the lake, spring fishing is here. Happy casting.

April 4, 2014


Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Regina Spring Home Show. In all, we have 101 requests for more information on the project. We have already begun contacting those people with our follow up program. More than a dozen couples have specifically asked about sale documents and we will be following up with you right away as well.

A number of people at the Show expressed interest in our pricing structure for the Environmental Reserve lots. Based on this interest, we will be going forward with excavation of the Environmental Reserve area at the south end of the development as a priority. We will be setting up a pricing structure this year for these lots.

Based on other interests expressed at the Home Show, we will be looking into providing a “lock it and leave it” offering most likely located along the proposed pond area at the north end of the development. Also, in answer to the questions gathered from the Show, we do have the ability to provide a “ready to occupy” lake home for people who are interested in a lake lot but do not want the hassle of arranging for their home to be built. Anyone interested in this type of lake home should contact us using the Contact page on the website or the contact information shown below.

We have received our Tender applications for our 2014 work program. We will begin our new excavation program soon working on the south end of the project first. We will also be continuing forward with additional road work this year which will tie in with the installation of the natural gas line. Sask. Energy has confirmed the majority of the easements required to bring in the gas line have been signed off and a design and route plan should be completed shortly.

After some problems with getting the show home in place we now have a confirmed delivery date of May 8th. So we will begin excavation of the basement and concrete work before long. Survey crews are also booked to arrive on April 28th to complete the survey work of the rest of the subdivision. This will allow us to access individual lot titles for any of the 90 lots currently approved.

Anyone who is thinking about acquiring a lake property is welcome to contact our office directly at 403-830-8562 or our realtor, Carmen Bechard at 306-596-2342 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in Regina.

Finally, congratulations to the Garry Taminski family, the winner of our Summer Basket Draw at the Home Show.

We are looking forward to a very busy summer, come and check us out.

January 20, 2014


Lot sales continue to progress with all the lots priced at $79,900 plus GST now gone. We have released the next group of lake front lots priced at $84,900 plus GST. The spring construction plan is under way with Clifton Engineering providing grading plans and product quantities. Tender quotes are expected to be returned by the end of February. Sask. Energy continues to work on acquiring the necessary easements and a design plan for the natural gas line. Sunset Acres will be finalizing the access road work this year and will also be working on landscaping issues and beach development. The show home should be on site early in May. Sunset Acres will be in attendance at the Regina Home Show in March, look for us at the Exit Realty Fusion booth.

November 17, 2013


Lot sales are progressing with only 1 lot left at the discounted price of $79,900. All lots are graded to provincial requirements and are ready for building. Sask. Energy continues working on acquiring the necessary easements to bring in the gas line and the show home is in storage for the winter. The current pictures provide an idea of how the home looks with the flooring and most of the cabinets remaining covered in order to protect the finish. The home will be moved onto Lot 26 on the lake in the spring and we currently have it advertised for sale at $399,900. We will be doing more site work in 2014 preparing for the installation of the gas line and development of more lots.

August 24, 2013


Information from Saskatchewan Energy suggests the natural gas line will be installed in 2014. Given this information, the display home scheduled to open this summer may be delayed until spring 2014. Completion of the road work and final gravel grading will take place after the gas line has been installed. Pictures of the completed display home will be posted on this page soon. Because of these delays, discounted pricing on our lake lots will remain in place for a limited time.

July 1, 2013


Surveyed and Titled lots are now ready for sale. The power and phone are installed and the deposit for installation of the gas line has been paid. A firm date for installation of the natural gas is anticipated in the next few weeks. The first display home will be up and ready for viewing, and sale, later this summer. The tree planting program will begin once a contractor is secured. Additional road upgrading is also planned for this building season with the preparation of more lake lots expected to continue next spring. Road signs on highway 20 are in place, so come out for a look.

August 30, 2012


First lake lots are surveyed with Title registration to proceed in September 2012. Site elevations are ready for building, roadwork continues and servicing is online for spring. Introductory pricing has been extended for a limited time.

July 1, 2012


Development is underway with building sites available this fall. Introductory pricing remains in effect until August 2012.

October 20, 2011


We are currently under going a re-development of Sunset Acres Resort in order to improve frontages on the lake and provide better pricing!

November 29, 2010


Photos of the road before completion!

Photos of the lake and the site before development!