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Sunset Acres Resort is working on a planting design for the first 200 trees which should be arriving on site in the next two weeks. More trees in the planting program will be brought in this fall to further enhance the surrounding area. Work on the base of the boat launch has passed the compaction test and is ready for gravel so that we can bring in the concrete pads. That work should be done in the next two or three weeks. The crew should also be putting down some topsoil in the next couple of weeks to accommodate the tree planting. Getting the final grade of gravel down on Sunset Acres Lane is also on the agenda in the next couple of weeks. Subject to inspection and approval by the provincial authorities, we hope to begin flooding the marina area later in June. To ensure stability of the marina banks, this process will take some time.

We continue to have discussions with the Province and the RM regarding the new subdivision phase of Sunset Acres Resort. Our Engineers have identified a couple of design issues which we are considering that would enhance the overall development. This mainly has to deal with the installation of water, sewer, power and storm water drainage. As such, we are preparing an amendment to our original subdivision application. We need to discuss this with the province and the Rural Municipality, so the plan for our campground and RV area is temporarily on hold. With a new and improved concept design, we will have even more to offer buyers. Sorry to all the people who are waiting on us but we want to provide the best resort we can and it takes time to get in place all the features many of us take for granted.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about our plans and continue to watch our Facebook page for updates. As always, please exercise safety when visiting the site as there is still heavy equipment activity in the area. Looking forward to a busy summer.