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The crew continues to work around the rain showers to finish up the spreading of topsoil around the marina, do the seeding and prepare to flood. Weather permitting the work should be done in the next two weeks and flooding should start shortly thereafter. The gravel for the boat launch has been delivered and we are arranging to bring in the concrete pads that have been patiently waiting for delivery. We will also finish the first stage of tree planting this week which will allow us to begin seeding much of the site. Our second stage of tree planting will start in the fall.

The engineering for the water plant is near completion and should be submitted to the province for approval and permitting early in July. The plant equipment has been secured and testing is planned for later this year. The work on the design of the sewage system has also been started. We continue to conduct discussions and work with the province and the RM on the new phase of Sunset Acres Resort. This phase will offer serviced lots of at least 6,500 sq. ft. for use as permanent cabin and RV type lots. A regular campground area and a large recreational site are also part of the overall design. A copy of the current subdivision design is included in this report. We are taking deposits on lot reservations, just contact our Realtor, Carmen at 306-596-2342.

Now that summer has arrived activity at the lake has increased. Please remember that there is still heavy equipment around the site and we ask that you use caution. Enjoy the sun and the beach.

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