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November 9, 2016

Sunset Acres Resort has secured additional land which will become part of the overall resort development. The intention is to provide recreation style sites which will be made available for annual and long term leasing or outright purchase. The new sites will be up to 5,000 sq. ft. in size, will have power and septic tanks installed and will also have a gravel pad for parking. Everything is subject to regulatory approval but we are confident the first phase of the expansion can be ready for the next camping season. The added land also allows the opportunity for a potential golf course along the shoreline of the lake. A new access road will connect this part of the project to the original development so owners can access the marina and boat launch.

Work continued off and on, in between the rain days, during the summer. We are getting back to work on the marina so that it, and the boat launch, can be ready for next season. The balance of the lake front lots, the marina lots and the canal lots will also be ready. We will be looking to complete the very north end of the main site where the future pond lots will be located. We are working with another lake development to construct a new sewage lagoon which can be shared. Soil tests should be conducted soon with a plan to start construction next year. Thanks to our owners for their continued patience and their help with work around the project. We are looking forward to next spring and the potential it brings. Have a great winter.

July 12, 2016

It has been some time since our last update and the summer continues to bring lots of visitors to Sunset Acres Resort. Our new water canal, marina and bridge amenities have received design approval by Transport Canada. We now await the corresponding approvals from the province so we can continue with the marina and boat launch work. In the meantime we have been working on the north end of the site. Once that area is complete we anticipate moving back to the marina area.

Given the timing we will likely open up the mouth of the marina to the lake later this year. We continue in talks regarding a new sewage lagoon and water treatment facility. We have received the preliminary report from the engineer on the water plant and have requested quotes on the building.

The wet weather has held back work the last couple of weeks so we appreciate everyone's patience with the work activity and the roads. If you have any questions about the project do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great summer.

April 4, 2016

The spring home shows in both Saskatoon and Regina went very well. It is obvious from the interest that people are getting excited about the marina and water canal work being close to completion. There also continues to be a large interest in our proposed campground sites. Once the site work is completed we will be reviewing the current pricing structure for all the building lots.

We are currently planning the bridge design for the connection between the water canal and the marina area. That design must be approved by Transport Canada before we continue with that area of the site work. As the weather warms we will be finishing off the north end of the site and the marina lots. Once final approvals are in place we can finish off the work on the marina and bridge area. If all goes well we hope to open up the mouth of the marina area to the lake sometime later in June.

We have some initial estimates for the water treatment plant and continue with discussions on the joint use of a new lagoon nearby.

In the interim, we still urge people to exercise caution when visiting the site as there continues to be heavy equipment moving around. Once again, thanks to all our owners who continue to show great patience with the ongoing work at Sunset Acres Resort. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page. Happy Spring!

February 22, 2016

The work on our marina and the causeway into the lake stopped earlier this month. We finally got the silt curtain installed to help keep the movement of water and lakebed to a minimum. The water around the curtain has now frozen up so we can start up the excavation of the causeway again. The milder weather continues to create some concern about the equipment on the ice. We have been holding meetings with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency, our Conservation Officer for Saskatchewan Environment and a representative from the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The main purpose of the meetings is to develop the best approach for performing the work in the safest and most efficient manner and to ensure it meets all regulatory requirements.

With the causeway excavation done we will look at the next plan to form up the inside of the inland marina, setting up the boat launch and looking to build the connection between the marina and the back lot water canal. After this work is done, we will move to the north end of the site where the pond area and the small lots are planned. The north part of the site will be the final phase of the initial project. Sorry everyone but it looks like there will continue to be a lot of construction action around site during the spring of 2016.

The preliminary design for the water plant should be complete by the end of March and we are sourcing equipment cost estimates. Installation of the water lines will be costed by our contractor once the work on the marina area is done.

We will be in attendance at both the Saskatoon and Regina Spring Home Shows in March so if you attend either show, stop by our booth. As always, we urge everyone visiting the site to use caution and watch for the heavy equipment moving around. We hope everyone had a good Family Day and we look forward to a productive March.

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