Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Sunset Acres Resort?

Sunset Acres Resort is located on the east shore of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan. The resort is about one hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Regina off of highway 20. Sunset Acres is one mile south of the historic Arlington Beach area, is approximately 30 minutes north of...
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What Type Of Building Lots Are Available?

As of the fall of 2019, power and natural gas service are now available to all the building lots in the current development. There are waterfront, marina, and water canal lots available for building.

How Big Are The Lots?

All the lots in the current phase of Sunset Acres Resort are 75 feet wide and range from 230 feet to just over 300 feet in depth. The total lot size typically ranges from 0.4 to 0.5 acre in size.

How Much Does A Lot Cost?

As of the fall of 2019, lot prices start at $74,900 plus GST. For current lot prices of the individual sites, visit the contact page to get in touch with our selling agent. 

Can I Finance The Purchase Of A Building Lot?

Yes. Of course, each potential purchaser can seek its own financing source for the purchase of a lot. The developer may provide medium-term financing at a competitive interest rate based on the qualifications of the purchaser

How Can I Purchase A Property?

You are able to purchase a property by contacting us directly or by contacting our Realtor. The contact phone numbers and Email addresses are found on any page of the website.

Are There Building Requirements At Sunset Acres Resort?

Yes, as of fall 2019 there is a five-year time period to begin construction and a two-year completion period. For the protection of our owners, Sunset Acres has established architectural controls. The document explaining building sizes, exterior finishes, side yard requirements,...
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Are There Ready To Occupy Homes Available?

Sunset Acres Resort is a relatively new development. The developer does have the capability to provide a full turn-key lake home to a purchaser, should that be preferred. Typical down payment and financing conditions would be part of the transaction. The developer would sit with the...
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How Come There Are So Few Trees?

The original land area was a relatively flat area that served as farmland and grazing land. The land was cleared and graded to develop the resort amenities. A tree planting program began in 2017 and continues.

Is There A Chance Our Home Could Be Flooded?

It is unlikely any home located at Sunset Acres Resort would ever be flooded. The most recent high water level (“flood”), on the lake was in 2011. Prior to that, the highest water levels were experienced in 1974 and 1955. All building lots in Sunset Acres Resort have building...
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How Big Is The Lake?

Last Mountain Lake was formerly known as Long Lake, a most appropriate description. The lake is about 90 kilometers in length extending north and west of Craven, Saskatchewan up to Last Mountain Lake Natural Wildlife Area. The lake ranges from 1.5 to 3 kilometers in width depending on...
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How Deep Is The Lake?

Depending on where you are on the lake, the depth typically ranges from 40 feet (12 metres) to about 100 feet (30 metres). Sunset Acres Resort is located on the widest part of the lake where the water is typically 35 to 50 feet deep at the centre. The shoreline along Sunset Acres slopes...
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Is The Lake Any Good For Swimming?

Yes, the lake is a popular recreation destination for all kinds of water sports. Swimming, boating, sailing, water skiing, and so on.

Are There Lots Available For Camping?

The current phase of Sunset Acres Resort is designed for four season lake homes. Currently, there are no lots designed for seasonal camping. Sunset Acres Resort plans to develop camping and RV style properties in its future phases.

What Amenities Does The Development Offer?

Sunset Acres has constructed a 14 acre marina, boat launch, and beach area as its main amenity. Natural gas service and electrical power are available to each lot and there is minimal street lighting to enjoy the night sky. Future plans include two different recreation areas, a water...
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Where Are The Closest Emergency Services?

Sunset Acres Resort is registered by the municipality with the 911 service. The closest police and medical service is Strasbourg, Sask. about 25 minutes away. The closest fire department is the Town of Govan volunteer department about 20 minutes away. Subject to appropriate...
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Can I Park My Boat In The Marina?

The marina has been developed for the benefit of Sunset Acres Resort owners. Owners are able to reserve a marina spot subject to signing a use agreement. An owner may consider renting a slip for an annual fee, or the outright purchase of a slip space. There are controls on the decking...
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